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Road rage causes fatal car accident in Washington Township

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2012 | Wrongful Death

Accidents involving motor vehicles can vary a great deal in severity; some individuals walk away without a scrape, while others do not walk away at all. No matter the circumstances, the friends and family of fatal accident victims are deeply hurt by their loss, and in many cases, a crash is followed by a civil claim for damages.

Recently, the actions of two men led to a serious car crash in New Jersey. While both suspects survived, a passenger in one of the vehicles was not so lucky.

The crash occurred on the Garden State Parkway in Washington Township. A number of witnesses reported road-rage-like actions on the part of the two suspects. Witnesses stated that both suspects were speeding, quickly changing lanes and tailgating one another.

The accident occurred when one of the drivers tried passing the other in the right-side exit lane. At this point, the passing driver lost control of his vehicle and swerved left until he was completely off the road. But instead of staying put, his car ended up hitting a metal rail, which caused his vehicle to bounce back into the line of traffic. His car then flipped over, eventually striking the other suspect’s car. The collision sent both vehicles off the right side of the road, where they smashed into a guard rail.

At some point during the accident, a female passenger was ejected from the car that flipped. She was thrown back out onto the roadway. After being airlifted to the hospital, the woman was pronounced dead.

Reportedly, neither of the drivers suffered injuries; each was charged with vehicular homicide, along with other violations. Both are currently being held in jail with a bond of $100,000. Their alleged actions should serve as a reminder to all New Jersey residents: reckless and negligent driving is a serious problem, and victims or their families should consider their options for holding the responsible parties accountable under our state’s wrongful death and personal injury laws.

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