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I-295 car accident seriously injures Burlington motorcyclist

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2011 | Car Accidents

An automobile accident recently resulted in a pile-up on Interstate 295. Along with several others, a Burlington motorcyclist was injured in the car collision. The accident happened just before 11 in the morning when the motorcyclist was rear-ended a few miles north of the Route 73 exit. The man was transported by air to Cooper University Hospital with serious injuries, and he remained in critical condition on the day following the collision. The crash caused the interstate to be closed in the area for several hours as police investigated the incident, treated the injured and cleared the wreckage.

According to police, there were three cars also involved in the accident. All of them crashed into the rear ends of other vehicles. Many of those injured were treated at Kennedy University Hospital in Cherry Hill. With the exception of the motorcyclist, all others were treated and released.

The area in and around Burlington County has lately appeared beleaguered with motor vehicle accidents, many of which have resulted in serious injury and death. When someone causes a car collision, the victims and their families have a right to know what happened. Beyond their desire to get the facts, they will most likely want to hold negligent parties responsible for any misdeeds that caused or contributed to the collision. While the accident discussed here is still under investigation, it appears that the motorcyclist has the legal basis for a personal injury action to recover monetary damages for his injuries, as well as for any pain and suffering occasioned by them in this chain-reaction disaster.

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