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Teen's 'deceased' status complicates personal injury claim

When, exactly, does death occur?

That's the most important question in a lawsuit that involves a young California teenager whose routine surgery turned tragic. Oxygen deprivation caused tremendous brain damage -- so much so that the coroner said she had "brain death" and issued a certificate of death.

Is football the most dangerous game?

If you're enthusiastic about the start of football season, you're hardly alone.This year, however, new information about the dangers of the game have more people concerned about the risk of permanent brain damage. That's tempering the usual enthusiasm quite a bit.

In a recent study on the brains of 111 retired National Football League (NFL) players, al but one of the brains, or 99 percent, showed evidence of a disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The same study showed that about 90 percent of former college players studied had CTE as well. Even high school players aren't exempt: 21 percent of those showed brain damage.

Space heater season is here: Beware of dangers!

As the weather starts to transition toward the chillier nights of fall, a lot of people will drag out their space heaters before they ultimately crank up the gas furnaces. It makes sense -- space heaters can be used just where you need them and are more economical to run than a whole furnace when there's just a slight chill in the air.

Unfortunately, space heaters can also be badly designed and dangerous -- and that can result in serious injuries to the users. Malfunctioning electric heaters have been known to catch on fire at night while people are asleep. Other electric heaters lack proper safety mechanisms that shut them off when they're accidentally tipped over. Oil heaters require proper ventilation to keep people from breathing in poisonous fumes. There are plenty of examples of heaters that ended up causing family tragedies because they were improperly handled, ventilated or designed.

Do roller coasters get a bad rap for brain injuries?

The amusement park season is almost over again for the year -- but the debates about brain safety and roller coasters are still going on. There's an ongoing worry that gravitational forces (g-forces) from roller coasters are causing brain damage -- the fear has been enough to cause New Jersey to limit how much gravitational force a roller coaster can exert on someone.

Do high-velocity roller coasters put people at unnecessary risk of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)? Could the rides just be getting a bad rap -- an undeserved reputation for danger?

What changes are coming to trucking logs?

Truck drivers are required to keep track of four major things in their log books: the amount of time they spend off duty, on duty, actually driving and sleeping.

Traditionally, the paper sheets either came bound in a book or in loose-leaf form -- and many truckers (and companies) preferred the loose-leaf kind. Officially, it made the papers easier to fill out. Unofficially, it made it easier to keep one log that was real and one that could be turned in for show.

Is a breach of confidentiality medical malpractice?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was developed in response to the growing concern about patient privacy rights in this era where someone could easily obtain and misuse private medical information -- but it was never intended to give patients a private course of action against their doctors for any violations.

That's something most patients don't realize. HIPAA regulations seem so serious to patients that most assume that a doctor who violates their rights owes them some form of compensation -- but the reality is different.

The main reasons behind big rig rollovers

It's hard not to be a little apprehensive when you're sharing the road with some big rigs -- if you know anything about them, you know rollovers are always a possibility.

That makes it important to understand what puts a truck at greater risk for a rollover -- so that you can spot potential danger signs and give those trucks a wide berth.

Patient abandonment and medical malpractice

What happens when your doctor leaves you in the lurch? Patients rely on their doctors for a certain continuity of care -- when the doctor suddenly leaves a patient without adequate medical care and no time to seek a replacement, that's a form of malpractice known as abandonment.

You don't generally have the right to demand treatment from a doctor -- and you can legitimately be dismissed from a practice if the doctor doesn't want to treat you for some reason (so long as you are given appropriate notice and enough time to seek alternative care). However, once a doctor begins treating you, he or she has an ethical and legal obligation to continue -- at least until your current medical crisis is over.

Study finds connection between football and brain disease

Newly-released research completed on the donated brains of former National Football League (NFL) players has confirmed what was previously suspected: A career full of repeated head trauma can lead to brain disease.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative brain disease that's sometimes mistaken for Alzheimer's. Like Alzheimer's, CTE is an insidious disease that robs its victims of memory, and causes confusion, anxiety and depression. Victims sometimes develop impaired judgment and lose their impulse control. Some become violent, while others become suicidal.

Playing soccer linked to brain injury but doubters persist

The same brain disease that's been linked to dementia and death among American football players is now linked to soccer players as well.

The brain condition is known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can only be confirmed after death, was thought to be the result of multiple concussions over time. This new study may change that theory and broaden risk factors significantly.

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